Mission & Vision – BANK CSP


‘To provide financial solutions to micro, small, medium, and upscale entrepreneurs in Uganda through sustainable operations that promote social and economic development of our CSP agents.

Our Core Values

Best Customer Service
Fairness and Transparency
Teamwork and Synergy
Integrity and accountability
Efficiency & Effectiveness
Responsible Governance


To be the leading provider of customer centric financial solutions for the social and economic development of entrepreneurs in all states of India through our CSPs and Bank Mitras.

Our promise

We are a customer-centric institution that derives its success through provision of financial solutions that meet and exceed customer and our CSP`s expectations. We are committed to maintaining this culture through continuous innovation, incorporating customer feedback in our operational decisions and ensuring that CSP Agents live by the Institution’s core values and also earn their livelihood with ease without migrating any big city for employment.